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all 100% acid free 


Click HERE to read about the importance of using acid-free products. There is also information about production of watercolour paper, and about the different weights and textures of watercolour paper.


medium grain, 400 gr. - 30x40 cm - glued on four side

Fabriano-Acrylico-400 gr..jpg

The Fabriano Pittura Acrylic Paper is especially suitable for acrylic and oil painting but can also be used for tempera. It weighs 400 gsm and is made from high-quality cellulose. The pages are rigid and bright white with a rough natural-grained surface. The paper is surface and internally sized, acid-free and offers archival permanence.

If you prime the paper you may also use it for oil painting. Totally reliable and acid-free for permanents works of art. Convenient for quick compositions in the studio and for open air use. Provides a true paper feel while painting with acrylics as compared with other paper products that are produced to simulate canvas.

Available in a blocks of 10 sheets or in single pages

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