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Danny Gretscher



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Danny Gretcher - 20miles To Rapture - 50x70cm.jpg

'20 Miles to Rapture' - silketryk - 50x70 cm - solgt

Danny_Gretcher_72x100 (2).jpg

'A Silhouette of a Man and a Wasp...' - silketryk - 72x102 cm - solgt


'King Wasp' - silketryk / silkscreen - 38x72 cm


'A Journey With The Sun' - silketryk / silkscreen - 38x72 cm

Danny Gretcher - Fruits From The Sea - silketryk - 38x72 cm.jpg

'Fruits from the Sea' - silketryk / silkscreen - 38x72 cm



Danny Gretscher is born in Jena, Germany (1977). He has been living and working in Berlin since 2004. Besides silkscreens, he also paints, skulpts and makes Installations as well.

Here is a text taken from his Website:
It is an old tradition to study mysterious entities, their meanings and powers. Their impact on the visible and the invisible is what inspires Danny Gretscher in his work as well as his urge to consciously get closer than us humans usually do to what is the origin of things. His essential struggle is to defy limitations and conceptualizations. The tensions arising from the deliberate clash of different powers reveal a multitude of emotions and by exploring their intersections question our understanding of what is normal.
Danny Gretscher´s work consits of elements that are often reduced and mostly not clearly seperated from each other. In being at the same time abstract and concrete they generate atmospheric visual worlds that are without time and space.
"At times I am visited by impulses from the depth of the universe that occur to me as emotions. I give a colorful garment to these sensations; sometimes drawing a few lines is enough to make them all of a sudden visible."
text: Gibbs Rosa, june 2011





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