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Picture Framing, Art Supplies, Gallery & Posters

We are closed for the season but will reopen around the first week of April.

Need to pick something up? Missing some crucial art supplies?

You can visit us by appointment, just send an sms to telephone +30543726 Wednesday  Saturday 11 am - 4 pm. 

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            We also sell posters... 

Benyt_Bornholms_Jernbaner_retro_Bodil.Geise_plakat-50x70cm-Art_Box_Bornhom_small.jpg Mads_Berg_Bornholm-20_small.jpg Solskins_Oen_Malene_Hoegh.jpg
Havmanden_retro_plakat_1953_Bornholm_plakat-Neptune-poster.jpg BRNHLM.Grafisk.RGB_430x.jpg Konrad_Uul_Oesterlars.jpg
Alva_von_der_Pahlen-2_small.png Kløbbedurk-hvid-plakat-Ane_Mogensen_30x42cm_small.jpg Munchies - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg



Benyt Bornholms Jernbaner (Use Bornholms railways)
Bodil Giese (1931)

Yearly Bornholm Poster
Mads Berg

Bornholm Series
Mallene Høegh

Neptune and the Bornholmer Girl
(unknown artist) 

Bornholm & mere

Rundekirker (Round Churches)
Konrad Uul

Alva von der Pahlen

Klippeøens Trolde
Ane Mogensen

Mateo Dineen  

 Johan Potma






We have something for everybody, regardless of taste, age and uprbringing... and a sofa to sit and drink a cup of coffee or tea, read a book or a newspaper... Art Box is not just a shop or a gallery, it is a place where all are invited to indulge in an experience and to take in what they can. This is why we also welcome our guests to touch the sculptures and pottery. 



We are usually two people working at the Art Box, Maya Hiort Petersen and Kim Poulsen. Being originally from Canada, Maya speaks English and French. As well as Danish she understands quite a bit of German too. Kim is from Bornholm and speaks a bit of German as well as fluent Danish and English. We are happy to help you in these languages, and try to communicate in all others as well we can.


Photo taken by Verner Kjærsgaard.

ART BOX Bornholm, Helgolandsgade 2, 3740 Svaneke - Bornholm - DK