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works on paper

Karen-Monnet-akvareller (2).jpg

Dream Worlds - Clouds - watercolour and ink on paper - 20x14 cm

Karen-Monnet-akvareller (3).jpg

Dream Worlds - Forest - watercolour and ink on paper - 20x14 cm - sold


Dream Worlds - Island - watercolour and ink on paper -20x14 cm


3D Worlds - mixed media


Dream World - Dream Universe

Karen-Monnet-2 (2).jpg

Dream World - Dream Universe

Karen-Monney-dreambox-paa (2).jpg

Dream World - Dream Universe

Karen-Monney-dreambox-paa (4).jpg

Dream World - Dream Universe

Karen-Monney-dreambox-paa (5).jpg

Dream World - Dream Universe


Dream World - Dream Universe - sold


A Bit ABout Karen Monnet

Karen Monnet grew up on stenbroen in Copenhagen, but dreamt herself into secret worlds with a pencil in hand. The many childhood vacations on the island of Bornholm, as "an Indian" amongst the beach sand, rocks and pine trees, fuelled those dreams, which have now become The "Dream Images"

She says: I've always thought in visual spaces and landscapes. Preferably in miniatures: 'Who do you suppose lives down there within those caves or trees. Who could we find living in those rock columns? Think what if you could ... What a fantastic world that would reveal itself. A world awoken for those are aware!  It was probably why I at the age of 40, I went back to university and to study architecture and then later, worked in the stunning landscapes of Norway's West country. I planned good human places and dreamt of populating the large and small natural landscapes. "

I have lived in many places, and always loved to explore my new home, by living in them to the fullest. My gardens are also something I need to renovate and remodel again and again. The garden's landscape with their many "secret" spaces, as they live their own slow life, fascinates me.  All these things, images and memories from my homes and gardens, they are what make up my small room installations, where I wonder what creatures are living within the forest, the cliffs, and out in the free air, on this little island. Sky ladders open these worlds up, so dreams can travel even farther out and up and down ... I wonder what ...I wonder who...



ART BOX Bornholm, Helgolandsgade 2, 3740 Svaneke - Bornholm - DK