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Papir  - Canson, Arches & Fabriano 


We specialize in fine paper and have quite a large selection of Canson, Arches and FABRIANO paper in sheets of 70x50 and 70x100 cm. You can see the whole range of them further down the page.

There are many different types of paper and each kind give a unique feel. The 100% cotton quality has an ideal absorbency and a superior strength. Naturally white, acid free and made entirely without bleaching agents, for an optimal conservation over time.

Here is more information about weight and grain. It may help you chose the paper best suited for your particular medium.



Since the best quality papers can come in all weights, the weight of the paper is not necessarily a sign of good quality. But weight is important to consider, since some mediums and methods are better for certain weights. It can be lovely to draw on a fine grained 220 gr. paper for example, but with drawing the grain is often more of a factor than the weight. With pen and ink drawing, the weight is important since a lighter grade paper wouldn't stand very much scratching with a nib, but is perfect for fine drawing, where a heavier paper can withstand all the scratching your nib may give it.

Heavy paper is important if you are going to be wetting the paper. In the case of watercolour, a lighter paper would need stretching before use, since the paper may buckle or wrinkle when wet. The weight of the paper plays an important factor when working with printmaking and watercolour.

Heavy papers can take a lot more abuse, are more versatile, and, yes, also more expensive. Most play around on a lighter paper and more 'serious' on a heavier paper. I always try and tell myself when I use the heavier paper that it is thick enough that I can always just paint over it with acrylic if it doesn't go my way just then, which is easily done on a heavy grade paper. They are available in all kinds of textures, grains and sizes. Light paper is anything less than 140 lb / 300 gsm and heavy is 300-400 lb / 600-850 gsm.


When it comes to texture and grain and which kind to use for which purpose, it has a lot of it is experience and personal taste.

Hot-pressed paper has a smooth, hard surface. Some artists like hot-pressed paper for detailed work, especially for pen and ink drawing, but others find it too slippery. It is not especially good for pencil or charcoal since there is little for it to hold on to and smudges easily away.  

Cold-pressed paper (sometimes referred to as "Not paper," such called, because it is not hot-pressed) is the most versatile paper texture, suitable for beginners and experienced painters alike, because it's semi-rough surface is suitable for both detailed work and smooth washes. It is available in three texture grades: FINE, MEDIUM FINE and ROUGH. Each sheet has a 'smoother' side and a 'rougher' side. 






 170 gr. / Hot-Pressed

available size: 70x100 cm 


370gr. / Hot-Pressed

available size: 70x100 cm 





 220 gr. / Cold-Pressed / Fine Grain

available size: 50x70


 300 gr. / Cold-Pressed

available sizes: 50x70 & 70x100 cm 






300 gr. / Cold-Pressed / Medium Fine Grain

available sizes: 50x70 & 70x100 cm 








 350 gr. / Cold-Pressed / Rough Grain

available size: 50x70 & 70x100 cm 











400 gr. / Hot-Pressed / Fine Grain

available size: 50x70 & 70x100 cm 








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