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Pedro Stoichita


raderinger & akvatint 

Pedro-Stoichita-etchings (5).jpg

Fra Drømme serien (Goya) - kun 15 trykt - 26x38cm

Pedro-Stoichita-etchings (2).jpg

"Komme nie zu spät" - kun 15 trykt - 26x28cm

Pedro-Stoichita-etchings (4).jpg

Fra Drømme serien (Vermeer) - kun 15 trykt - 38x26cm


Pedro Stoichita - Ectoplasma I -  26x38cm - akvatinte & mezzotint.jpg

"Ectoplasma 1" - kun 15 trykt - 26x38cm

Pedro Stoichita - Ectoplasma II -  26x38cm - akvatinte & mezzotint.jpg

"Ectoplasma 2" - kun 12 trykt - 26x38cm


udskyld, men vi har kun Pedro's CV på engelsk.


A Bit about Pedro

Pedro Stoichita was born in Munich in 1983. After studies in philosophy, French literature and cultural sciences at HU Berlin, he turned to drawing, comics and illustration. From 2010 until 2012 he was a scholar at the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences, UdK Berlin, where he examined Spinoza’s notion of intuitive science graphically. Lives and works in Berlin.


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