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Trudie Canwood



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malerier fra Bornholm - akryl på lærred


"Hvid Tårn ved en Rundkirke" (aften Lys) - 50x60 cm


"Rundkirke med Krager" - 50x60 cm


"Rundkirke" (lange skygger) - 50x40 cm

Vi beklager, men Trudies CV er endnu ikke blevet oversat til dansk.

A bit about Trudie Canwood

As a child she used to draw, paint and sew all the time. After high school she studied textile design but for a long time didn't use her skills professionally. In 2003 after spending a month on the beautiful Caribbean island Curacao, where her husband was born, she started to paint. Her work in brightly effulgent colours, often has an unmistakable Caribbean feel. Trudie's career as an artist took off almost right away as she was soon able to quit her job and paint full-time. 

Artist CV

born in 1961, Arnhem in the Netherlands. Studied at Liemers College and HBO Gelderse Leergangen, Nijmegen


2004 - present 

Gallery Alma Blou - Curacao - Netherlands Antilles 


Gallery Café des Arts - Nevis (collective exhibition) 


Agora Gallery - New York, U.S.A. (collictive exhibition) 

Dooijes Binnenhuis - Almere, The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 

Bibliotheek van Utrecht - Utrecht, The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 


Caribisch Centrum Amanne - The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 


Galerie de Kunstenmakers - The Netherlands (collective exhibition) 


ING Bank - Amsterdam - The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 


Aruba Binnenhuys - Aruba (January) (solo exhibition) 

Gallery Alma Blou - Cura ao (May) (solo exhibition) 

Caribbean Treasure - The Hague (June) (The Netherlands) (solo exhibition) 

Gallery Sigvardson - Denmark (August) (collective exhibition) 

Gallery Alma Blou - Curacao (September) 'Fusion in Red' (collective exhibition) 

Rio de Janeiroplein - Almere (September / October) (The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 

Gallery Kunst aan de Kade - Rotterdam (9 October - 8 January 2011) The Netherlands (collective exhibition) 


Gallery Tante Truus - Almere - The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 

Caribbean Treasure - The Hague - The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 

Central Library - Zeewolde - The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 

Gallery Rhijnauwen - Bunnik - The Netherlands 

Gallery Kas di Arte - Bonaire - Antilles 

Gallery Pulitzer - Amsterdam - The Netherlands 


Chelsea Old Town Hall - London (UK) 

Westin Gallery - Aruba (solo exhibition) 


World Trade Centre - Rotterdam, The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 

Minister Plenipotentiary of Aruba - The Hague, The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 

Art Box Gallery - Bornholm, Denmark 


AIS Gallery - Almere, The Netherlands (solo exhibition) 


AIS Gallery - Almere, The Netherlands (prints) 

Chelsea Old Townhall, King's Road, London, UK 

Art Box Gallery, Denmark 


Art Box Gallery Denmark 

Gallery Alma Blou, Curacao 

Galerie Kleur, Dordrecht, The Netherlands (november) 

Schuster Art Consultancy, Boston, USA 

Places that sell Canwood's art and/or ARTicles 

Kunst Kafe - The Netherlands 

Dooijes Binnenhuis - The Netherlands  

Galerie de Kunstenmakers - The Netherlands 

Galerie / Lijstenmakerij AIS - The Netherlands 

Gallery Alma Blou - Curacao  

Carib Fine Art - Curacao 

Mon Art Gallery - Curacao 

Red Sail Aruba shops - Aruba   

Shipwreck shops - St. Martin 

Café des Arts - Nevis 

Alison Peck - Australia 

Ricadootje - Amsterdam - The Netherlands 

Primera - Almere - The Netherlands 

Diamond Worthy Books - Rotterdam - The Netherlands 

London Art - London - United Kingdom 

Companies that rent Canwood's art 


Oostvaarders Kliniek - Almere - The Netherlands 


Companies that bought Canwood's art 

Awesome Support - Australia www.awesomesupport.com.au 

Reve a deux Australia www.deux.com.au 

Betty Diamond - Australia 

Flevomere Bibliotheek (library) Zeewolde - The Netherlands 

ART BOX Bornholm, Helgolandsgade 2, 3740 Svaneke - Bornholm - DK