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Ben Woodhams

Ben's beautiful book is available in the Art Box. KYST (Coast) is filled with illustrations and stories from his 52 walks from Sun up to Sundown, from Coast to Coast on Bornholm. Click here to see more



Watercolours of Birds

I always work on the principle of direct observation, whether it be out in the nature with live birds, or with dead birds at home in the studio.


Wooper Swans Studie (evening) Vestermarie, Bornholm - 55x38 cm


Poppies, Vestermarie, Bornholm - 38x55 cm


"Fieldfares in a Tree I" - 21x18 cm - sold


"Fieldfares in a Tree II" - 21x18 cm - sold



The Bird of the Month (series of 12)
Each print measures 20x21 cm. They are made with water-based colours and printed using what is called 'The Suicide Method' by which you keep cutting after each colour is laid and printed. You use the same plate for each layer of colour. There is therefore not the same amount of prints of each image, though there are approximately 20 of each.  


"Ravens Alminding" - January


"Rooks, Østerlars" - February


"Lapwings, Udkaret" - March


"Shelducks, Salthammer" - April


"Eider-ducks, Christian's Island" - May


"Peregrine Falcons, Vang" - June


"Razorbills, Hammershus" - July


"Black-headed Gull, Duodde" - August


"Cranes, Bastemose" - September


"Fieldfares, Svaneke" - Oktober


"Long-eared Owl, Hasle" - November


"Tufted Ducks, Rønne Havn" - December

The Four Seasons

Lino-cut, 20x17,5 cm, oil-based colour. Printed using what is called 'The Suicide Method' by which you keep cutting after each colour is laid and printed. You use the same plate for each layer of colour. There is therefore not the same amount of prints of each image, though there are approximately 20 of each.

Ben Woodhams - Hares in Winter.jpg

"February, hares on stubble fields, Ringeby, Bornholm"

Ben Woodhams - rådyr - deer-lino-print.jpg

"May, Roe Deer in a Beech Forest, Vestermarie Plantation, Bornholm"

Ben Woodhams - Bison - lino-print.jpg

"August, Bison in a pine plantation at Svinemosen, Bornholm"

Ben Woodhams - Traner - Cranes - lino - print.jpg

"October, Cranes Flying South, winter crops in the fields, Vellensby, Bornholm"

A Serie of six anas’ drake studies

Lino-cut prints, 14x17cm. Printed using what is called 'The Suicide Method' by which you keep cutting after each colour is laid and printed. You use the same plate for each layer of colour. There is therefore not the same amount of prints of each image, though there are approx. 25 of each. 


Shoveler (Anas clypeata)


Teal (Anas crecca) - sold out


Pintail (Anas acuta)


Garganey (Anas querquedula) - sold out


Gadwall (Anas strepera)


Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)


A Bit About Ben 

Ben Woodhams is an English artist and illustrator currently living and working on the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. After beginning a career in museums and art galleries as an exhibition curator and designer, Ben and his family moved to Bornholm in 2008, where he works as an artist, illustrator and educator.

Ben’s practice is founded in direct observation and specialises in birds, working primarily in watercolour. Studies of living birds are made in the field, while dead birds are taken to the studio. Moments in time, and the relationship between the process of observation and depiction, are the engines that drive Ben’s work – the tension between the ‘need’ to capture the moment or the vision, and the desire to let the medium speak its own language.

Recently Ben has been studying changes in the landscape through space and time. In 2018 he walked around the island of Bornholm every Friday, in 52 stages – the work produced is the KYST Project.

In 2015 Ben was invited to become an Artist Member of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA). The SWLA is a registered charity that seeks to generate appreciation and delight in the natural world through all forms of fine art inspired by the world’s wildlife, and represents some of the world’s most respected and well known wildlife artists. The focus of the Society’s year is the annual exhibition ‘The Natural Eye’ at the Mall Galleries, London.

In 2019, Ben was awarded the Birdwatch Artist of the Year award at the Natural Eye Exhibiton.

Selected exhibitions
annualy, october 2012 to october 2018-  ‘the natural eye’, SWLA exhibition at mall galleries, London, UK (censured exhibition)
October 2019 – KYST 4, Allerød kunstforening, Denmark
September 2019 – KYST 3, Birdscapes Gallery, Norfolk, uk
August 2019 – KYST 2, aberlady, edinburgh, uk,
June 2019 – KYST 1, Svanekegaarden, bornholm, denmark
December 2018 – Aakirkeby library, project with school children, wall murals
September 2018 – Hellenistic, Sandvig (seaweed beach installation with teenage school group)
July to august 2018 – Nordic watercolours, Kunsthuset, Annaborg, Denmark and Malmø, Sweden (group exhibition)
May to June 2018 – Earthbound, Gudhjem, Denmark (group exhibition)
winter and spring 2017/18 – Livets træ, Bornholm, Denmark (art project with pre-school children)
September to December 2017 – Galleri Visby, Lønstrup, Denmark (group exhibition)
September 2017 – ‘Rum’, Rønne Storv torv (installation), Bornholm, Denmark Maj 2017 – ‘Bornholm’ Justbygdens kunstforening, Sweden (group exhibition)
April 2017 – ‘birds in art’, Birdscapes Gallery, Holt, Norfolk, uk (group exhibition)
November 2016 – Engholms Brændpunkt, Bornholm, Denmark (group exhibition)
October 2016 – Cowi kunstforening, Denmark
September – November 2016 – ‘The Sweetgum project‘ Trafo, Bodrum, Turkey – Marmaris Art House, Turkey, Koycegiz Art house, Turkey, Galleri Cankaya, Ankara (travelling group exhibition)
September 2016 – ‘Brud i gennem‘, Galleri Rasch, Rønne Denmark (installation)
Maj 2016 – ‘earthbound‘, Gudhjem museum, Bornholm, Denmark (group exhibition)
December 2015 – ‘Lene Stevns og Ben Woodhams på Kirkehavegaard‘, Allerød kunstforening, allerød, Denmark
June 2015 – ‘Fuglemalerier‘, solo exhibition at Galleri Vang, Bornholm, Denmark
April 2015 – ‘Den Censurende forårs udstilling 2013’, Svanekegården, Bornholm, Denmark (censured exhibition)
September 2014 – ‘The Mottisfont open’, Mottisfont Abbey, Hampshire UK (censured exhibition)
august 2014 – ‘Vandrefalke i Vangbruddet’, at palivaren gallery, Christiansø, Denmark
February 2014 – ‘The Winter Season’, at Cheng – Kim Loke gallery, Slimbridge, UK (group show)
august 2013 – ‘Tasty birds’, Svanekegården, Bornholm, Denmark
July 2013 – ‘Ben Woodhams, Nye værker (new works)’, Galleri Huz 16‘ Bornholm, Denmark
may 2013 – ‘spring’, Avocet gallery, rye harbour, UK (group show)
April 2013 – ‘Den Censurende forårs udstilling 2013’, Svanekegården, Bornholm, Denmark (censured exhibition)
September 2012 – ‘Ude af balance’,  (installation), Galleri Rasch, Bornholm, Denmark
august 2012 – ‘Fugle’, Galleri Rasch, Bornholm, Denmark (group show)
February 2012 – ‘En Rasch udstilling’, galleri rasch, Bornholm, Denmark (group show)
September 2011 – ‘Tryk 2 Værksted’, Galleri 2rn, Bornholm, Denmark (group show)
July 2011 – ‘Observation interpretation’, Marine Studios, Margate, UK (group show)
September 2010 – ‘Jagt i Bella’, Copenhagen, Denmark (group show)
July 2010 – ‘Fuglemalerier’, NaturBornholm, Denmark
march 2010 – ‘Naturligvis’, Galleri Rasch, Denmark (with Hans Henning pedersen)


April 2000 – august 2002 – ma in museum studies, Leicester university
September 1994 – may 1998 – BA in south east Asian art & architecture with Indonesian studies – first class honours. Soas, London university
September 1989 – july 1990 – foundation art & design,Brighton art college

Other stuff
the Wadden Sea project with other SWA artists, October 2019 and may 2020
injer i landskab – illustration project with NaturBornholm, 2018
land art days with Bornholms Kommandant Højen
‘Villads fra Valby’ art project for all of Bornholm’s school starters, 2017
freelance illustration for various clients, including Bornholms Regions Kommune and NaturBornholm, 2008 – present
teacher at bornholms art school (Bornholm billedskole) 2010 – present
teach various courses in life drawing, watercolour, drawing – and english – for ‘lejrskoler’, aof, bornholm, and other clients including Bornholms Regionskommune, beck pack, Hans Rømer Skole, Stammershalle Badehotel 2009 – present (see ‘teaching’ section on website)
member and later, chair for Bornholm arts’ council (formand i Bornholms Kunstrådet) 2011 – 2015

ART BOX Bornholm, Helgolandsgade 2, 3740 Svaneke - Bornholm - DK