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Dembo Fixer 




linoleum prints


The Celebration - 22x17 cm


Harvesting the Rice Fields - 25x20 cm


The old Man and His Elephant - 25x22,5 cm


Life's Work - 27,5x21 cm


The Festival - 27,5x20 cm


My Blind Grandmother - 11x12 cm


Dembo Fixer

b. 1978, Kafountine, Senegal

Dembo has spent all his life in Kafountine, South Western Senegal, right on the coast. You can find him at his place by the beach where he uses traditional methods to dye cloth, paints and makes linoleumcuts. He is also active as an actor and dancer and can be seen performing each year at the carnival with his group 'Djanabantang'. 

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