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Grethe Lauesen



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Grethe Lauesen - Full Moon - collage - papir arbejde - 110,5x76cm.jpg

'Full Moon' - acrylic on paper and collage - 110,5x76cm


'A Pig in a World of Cats' - acrylic on paper and collage - 96x64.5cm — at ART BOX Bornholm.


'Monkey Time' - collage og akryl på papir 120x74cm


'Parrots' - acrylic on paper and collage - 110,5x76cm


'The Mermaid' - ' acrylic on paper and paper collage - 60x43cm

Grethe-Lauesen- (3).jpg

untitled - acrylic on paper and paper collage - 48x36cm


'Fishy Stories' - acrylic on paper and collage - 40.5x37.5cm

Grethe-Lauesen-papir.collage-42x60cm  (2).jpg

'Monster Kollage I' (el. Hallowe'en I') - akryl på papir og papir collage - 52x39cm


Acrylic on paper

Grethe Lauesen - Nattens Skygger - papir arbejde - 76.5x55.5cm.jpg

'The Night's Shadows' - 76.5x55.5cm - sold


'The Midnight Goat' - 70X57 cm


'The Clown' - 39x58cm

Grethe_Lauesen_Papir (2).jpg

'Night Games' - 18x14cm

Grethe Lauesen - Blue Bull - papir - 56x76cm.jpg

'Blue Bull' - acrylic on papir - 56x76cm

Grethe Lauesen - Blue Face - acrylic on paper - 70x100cm.jpg

'Blå' - akryl på tung papir - 57x70cm


'The Last Performance' - acrylics on paper - 39x58cm


'The Running Horse' - acrylic on heavy paper - 48x36 cm


works on canvas


'Drama with the Royal Family' - 97x111cm

Grethe Lauesen - Jeg Troede at vi fik vinger - 97x107cm.jpg

'I Thought We Would Get Wings!' - 97x107cm


'The Surprise' - 97x102cm


untitled - acrylic on canvas - 116X140cm


'Love' - acrylic on canvas - 116X128cm

Grethe Lauesen Dawn-127x140cm.jpg

'Morning Light' or 'Dawn' - 127x140 cm

Grethe Lauesen - Himmelske-Sporgsmaal 167x173.jpg

'Questions to the Heavens' - 167x173cm

Grethe Lauesen - God Morgen!.jpg

'Good Morning!' - 116x145cm

Grethe Lauesen-lej-med-Vinden.jpg

'Play With The Wind II' - 116x119cm


'The Arrival of the Pink Lady' - 175x144 cm

Grethe_Lauesen (3).jpg

'Love' - 120x130cm

Grethe_Lauesen (2).jpg

'The Merman' - akryl på lærred - 140x130cm

Grethe_Lauesen (1).jpg

'Stk. Hans' (or 'Play in the Sky') - akryl på lærred - 136x116cm

Grethe-Lauesen - Tilflytterne.jpg

'The Immigrants' - 142x139cm

Grethe LauesenLonesomeWalk 149x155cm.jpg

'Lonesome Walk' - 149x155cm

Grethe_Lauesen (4).jpg

untitled - 140x196cm

Grethe-Lauesen - Leg Med Vinden II.jpg

'Playful II' - 116x145cm / 'Legende II' - 116x145cm

Grethe Lauesen.Solstrej-121x138cm.jpg

'A Ray of Sun' or ' The Smiling Lion' - 121x138cm



3D mini ART - ALL sold out, but there are new ones coming soon!


3D billed (set fra 3 sider) 'Heste elsker Vand' - 12x15cm


3D billed (set fra 3 sider) 'Eww! Det Smagt Ikke Godt!' - 6x9cm

Grethe_lauesen-3D-ART-  bjorn-bear.jpg

3D billed (set fra 3 sider) 'Rød Bjørn' - 6x6cm

Grethe_lauesen-3D-ART   (1).jpg

3D billed (set fra 3 sider) 'Klovn' - 5x5cm


3D billed (set fra 3 sider) 'Solskins Fisk' - 9x4cm


3D billed (set fra 3 sider) 'Mine Horne Blev Sgu Gule!' - 10x13cm


A Bit About Grethe Lauesen

  Grethe Lauesen was born in a town on the outskirts of Copenhagen in the spring of 1943. She knew from quite a young age that she was an artist. She graduated from the art university as a commercial artist and later also as a textile artist, where she won a prize, given to her by the king of Denmark.
Along with her husband Peter Hort Petersen they emigrated to Canada in 1975. Both Grethe and Peter taught in the art department for 12 years the art college in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. They moved to Ottawa in 1989 and stayed there until coming home to Denmark in 2003. They moved to Svaneke, Bornholm. Bornholm is a little island situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It's famous for it's special magical light which has been attracting artists to it for centuries. Grethe and Peter always had a love for the artist island and quickly felt at home.

Grethe Lauesen has worked as a self-employed artist since 1990 and has exhibited throughout her 28 years in Canada, and has been represented by more than a few well known galleries, including The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Allied Francaise in Ottawa, Gallerie Calligrammes in Ottawa and L'Imagier in Aylmer. Once back in Denmark, It didn't take Grethe long to find a gallery to represent her. She exhibits bi-annually in Galerie Gerly in Copenhagen. and in Galleri Kaya too. In 2004, She participated in the Gallery Kaffe Slottet's censored autumn exhibition, where she received the censor's award, along with a special exhibition of her own in the spring. in 2009, she joined an artist collective called 4D. Together they share a large workspace and exhibit their artwork together.

Painting in vivid, spontaneous and sometimes florescent colours, Grethe's  immediate, strong subjects and exciting compositions are often reminiscent of Danish art. She paints mainly with acrylic colours, either on canvas or watercolour paper. The textile artist in her keeps Grethe playing with textures and and patterns. She loves to play with paper, layers of it, painted and then made to a collage. There can be quite a bit of humour in Grethe's paintings, but also a human understanding and situational awareness. She is very inspired by the spontaneity of children, mythology, history, other cultures and stories from her own childhood.

Artist CV  (unfortunately only available in Danish)

Uddannelse & Erfaring

-Studerede 4 år på tekstilafdelingen på Kunsthåndværker skolen i København.Modtog bronzemedalje ved afgangen.
-Studerede 4 år på reklameafdelingen på Kunsthåndværker skolen i København.
-Undervist i silketryk teknik på stof 3 år, Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa Canada.
-Heltid ansat som lærer i stoftryk design, silketryk på stof og reklametegning 12 år, Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada.
-Arbejdet for Halling Koch Design Centre i København 4 år, designet stof til møbler, gardiner, duge med andet.

Udmærkelser & Legater

-Præmie for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Textile Design, Woman in Design International, W.I.D. i deres Anden Kompendium. 1984
-Modtog Ontario Arts Council Grant Til Kunstnere.1986
-Førstepræmie Ved Cambridge Textile Festival.1993
-Solgt Maleri Til the City of Ottawas Permanente kunstsamling.1994
-Solgte En Skulpturel Bænk Til Gallery L’imagier, Aylmer Quebec Canada.1995
-Solgte et Stort Maleri Til Den Brasilianske Ambassadør Til Canada.1995
-Udførte En Kommision for the City of Ottawa Som Del Af et Kunstprogram Exhibition of Artist in Waiting.1995
-Udførte En Kommision for the City of Ottawa et 3 m x 5 m Udendørs Maleri, Mural.1995
-Solgte et Maleri Til Den Schweiziske Ambassade I Canada.1997
-Udførte En Skulptur Kommision for the City of Aylmer, Quebec, Canada.1997


-Fællesudstilling i Krudthuset på Christians Ø.
-Inviteret til at deltage i en skulptur udstilling i samhænge med 'Kultur Ugen' på Bornholm. Udstilling tog sted i en park ved vandet i Nexø, Bornholm.
-Duo Udstilling af malerier og tegninger i Galleri Kayas, Svaneke, Bornholm.
-'Kunstnerne fra værkstederne 4D'
- Fællesudstilling i Galleri Kaya, Svaneke Bornholm.
-Inviteret til at deltage i en 20x20cm kunst i en fællesudstilling i Raschpakhus, Rønne Bornholm.
-Deltog i Svaneke Gårdens censureret efterårsudstilling.
-'Fra Klipper til Sand' - Inviteret til at udstille malerier sammen med 4 andre kunstnere fra Svaneke i Manøvregangen i 'Hvide Sande Slusen', Jylland.
-Fællesudstilling i Galleri Kayas sommer udstilling, Svaneke, Bornholm.
-'Fisken' - Fællesudstilling med kunstergruppen Bilmaris i Silkeborg.
-Fællesudstilling i Galleri Kayas sommer udstilling, Svaneke, Bornholm.
-'Echoes of the Mind' - Fællesudstilling i Gallérie Calligrammes, Ottawa, Canada.
-Fællesudstilling i "Galleri Kaya", Svaneke, Bornholm, Dk
-Fællesudstilling i Gallerie Kaya, Svaneke, Bornholm.
-Fællesudstilling af malerier i Galerie Gerly, Vandkunsten 13, København.
-Fællesudstilling i Gallerie Kaya, Svaneke, Bornholm.
-Separatudstilling af malerier i Gallerie Kaffeslottet, Gudhjem, Bornholm
-Deltog i Gallerie Kaffeslottets censureret efterårsudstilling.
-Deltog i Gallerie Kaffeslottets censureret efterårsudstilling. Modtog et rejselegat.
-Separatudstilling af malerier i Galerie Gerly, København.
-Deltog i Galerie Gerlys udstilling i Forum, København.
-Separatudstilling af malerier og skulpturer, Gallérie Calligrammes, Ottawa, Canada.
-“Two-way Mirrors, Images into Exile” - To mands udstilling af malerier i The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa Canada.
-Separatudstilling af malerier på den Kongelige Danske Ambassade, Ottawa, Canada.
-Udstillede malerier på Aliance Francaise, sponsorer af den danske og den franske ambassade i Canada.
-Solgte 3 store malerier til den Kongelige Danske Ambassade, Ottawa Canada.
-Separatudstilling af malerier ipå den Kongelige Danske Ambassade, Ottawa, Canada.
-Separatudstilling af malerier og skulpturer, Gallérie Calligrammes, Ottawa, Canada.
-“Sculpture in Ottawa” - Gruppeudstilling , “Confederation Square” Ottawa Canada.
-“Summer Solistice” - Gruppeudstilling , Gallérie L’Imagier, Aylmer, Canada.
-Separatudstilling af malerier og skulpturer, Gallérie Calligrammes, Ottawa, Canada.
-“Arbres” - Fællesudstilling i Gallérie L’Imagier, Aylmer, Canada.
1996, 1997
-“Animisme, Art Image” - Separatudstilling af malerier og skulpturer i Maison de la Culture de Gatineau, Canada.
-Udstillede i “Grimsby Public Art Gallery” på deres årlige censurerede udstilling i Canada.
-Separatudstilling af malerier og skulpturer, Gallérie Calligrammes, Ottawa, Canada.
-“Summer Solistice'' - Fællesudstilling Gallérie L’Imagier, Aylmer, Canada.
-“Childhood Memories” - Fællesudstilling Gallérie L’Imagier, Aylmer, Canada.
-“Bird-Feeders” - Fællesudstilling , Gallérie L’Imagier, Aylmer, Canada.
-“Made in Ottawa” - Fællesudstilling , The Ottawa Art Gallery, Canada.
-“Summer Solistice” - Fællesudstilling i udstillingen , Gallery L’Imagier, Aylmer, Canada.
-“Ottawa Artists” - Fællesudstilling , Ottawa City Hall, Canada.
-Separatudstilling af malerier og skulpturer, Gallérie Calligrammes, Ottawa, Canada.
-Udstillede silketrykte tekstiler, The Woman's Credit Union, Ottawa, Canada.
1987 – 1988
-Deltog i det årligt udstilling ”Surfacing, Variations on a Theme” på Ontario Crafts Council, Canada. Udstillede silketrykdesigns.
-Udstillede sammen med “The Textile Dyers and Printers Association of Ontario” et vægtæppe på, The Ontario Crafts Council, Canada.
-Udstillede 2 silketrykdesigns på “The Cambridge Textile Festival”, modtog først præmie for “Outstanding Design and Craftmanship”
-Udstillede et vægtæppe på “The Textile Dyers and Printers Association of Ontario”, The Gallery of the Metropolitan Toronto Library, Canada.
-Udstillede stoftrykte tekstiler og malerier i “Art Gallery of Algoma”, Canada.
-“One to Two” - Udstillede malerier i “Gallery Toronto”, Canada
-Udstillede stoftrykte tekstiler, Toronto, Canada Ved Udstillingen Harbour Front Craft Fair.
-“Artist from the North” - Udstillede malerier i MacDonald Gallery, Toronto
-Udstillede malerier i “The Art Gallery of Algoma” Sault Ste Marie, Canada.
-“Kaldet Surfacing” - Udstillede stoftrykte tekstiler i Toronto, Council’s Gallery Exhibition.
1976, 77 & 79
-Udstillede stoftrykte tekstiler, børnetøj og malerier, the Public Library, Sault Ste Marie, Canada.




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