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 fixative varnish, solvents, matt medium, gels, textures ...

It can be overwhelming when chosing what product to use. We have split up all the different types of mediums into what kind of meterials are being worked with and what kind effect you are after.

Primers / Gesso - For acrylics and oils

For Acrylics 
Gels & Pastes (increase viscosity & volume)
Retarders (slows down the drying time)
Effects & textures (offers different effects)
Gloss & Matte Medium (adds fluidity, extends it's volume as well as a lacquer)
Pouring Medium 

For Collage & Works on Paper
Gloss & Matte Medium (use as a lacquer or glue for collage & découpage)  

For Oils
Oils & Mediums (increase viscosity & fluidity as well as glance)
Retarders (slows down the drying time)
Varnish (to protect paintings from dirt & grease as well as enhance colour depth of the paintings)
Solvents (for thinning colour and cleaning up)

For Watercolour
Masking & Retarders (masks / slows down the drying time)
Effects & textures (offers different effects)



Mediums for oil painting

WINSOR & NEWTON / Artisan series

Oil Painting Mediums
Oil Painting Mediums are made to dilute oil colours. This improves the flowability and wetting of the colours, dries slowly to a flexible film, which addresses sunken, matte paint locations. 


Linseed oil 
Mixable linseed oil, which reduces the consistency, improves flow ability, increases the gloss and transparency of Artisan oil colours. 


Slow Drying stand oil 
A pale viscous oil, which delays the drying and imparts a hard, smooth enamel finish without brush strokes. The state oil improves fluidity and the oil colours. it smooths brushwork lends itself brilliantly to glazes and highlighting details. 


Quick-drying paint products 
This painting medium improves fluidity and encourages drying. Brushstrokes ironed, the transparency is increased. Particularly suitable for glazes, highlighting details, protection against yellowing.


Prime your surfaces and add tooth, ready for paint application. Create the perfect absorbency, texture and archival ground. When you use acrylic gesso, the only thing you really need to care about is to make sure that you cover the entire surface of the canvas evenly.

Gesso was originally a primer based on plaster and animal glue, which was used in the Italian medieval painting. Today the term for any primer for wood or canvas for later paint.

CREA Gesso 1000ml.jpg


A white which Gesso provides a maximum covering power in one coat and offers maximum colour reflection. It is fast-drying and non-yellowing, and it offers a balanced absorbency. 

Gesso Blanco i 500ml. & Gesso Medio i 1000 ml.

Price: 69.- & 125.- DKK


A classic titanium white acrylic ground to prepare your surface and add a high level of tooth. 
Gives a matte white, opaque finish which provides a professional standard, archival base to help maintain the longevity of your work. Stiffens your canvases and creates the optimum absorbency for paint application. 

A clear ground to prepare your surface and add a high level of tooth. 

Primes surfaces and adds a high level of tooth for maximum colour adhesion and stability. Gives a transparent matte finish which allows the original surface to show through. Stiffens your canvases and creates the optimum absorbency for paint application.  

A pre-mixed black acrylic ground to prepare your surface and add instant colour. 

It contains a blend of pigments to give a matte black, opaque base which instantly eliminates your surface color and allows you to build depth. Primes surfaces and adds a high level of tooth for maximum colour adhesion and stability. Stiffens your canvases and creates the optimum absorbency for paint application. 


Matte Medium / Découpage or Collage lacquer   

Gloss or matt finish lacquer for eg serviettes or magazines on wood, cardboard and the like. Can be used as both the glue and varnish. 

Drying time: about 1 hour

Size: 250 ml.

Price: 89.- DKK 



Colourless, low-odour aerosol fixatives for fixing charcoals, pastels, pencil and more.  Protects against lint and dust. Dries invisible up and does not yellow. 


Size: 400 ml. 
Price: 145.- DKK

L & B Fine Arts 
Size: 400 ml. 
Price: 145.- DKK

L & B Fine Arts -  150 ml.  
Size: 150 ml.
Price: 79.- DKK

Masking Fluid (for watercolours)

Art Masking Fluid is a liquid applied to make areas resistant to watercolour. It has a slight yellow tint. Art Masking Fluid is not recommended for use on damp or soft sized papers, or if yellow staining of paper is a risk (Instead use Colourless Art Masking Fluid).


Vallejo Masking Fluid

Use this removable liquid to make specific areas water resistant or keep areas white paper or areas of your subconscious paint when painting over the dried liquid. After about one hour, it can easily be rubbed off with a finger or the eraser.

Size: 85 ml.
Price: .- DKK


Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid Medium

Whether you experiment with one or try them all, each Winsor & Newton Watercolor Medium has a specific property to add to your artistic expression when painting.

Size: 75 ml.
Price: .- DKK

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