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  Carola Härtel



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 Chicken Series

Small reproductions in 13x13cm. These fine small pictures are reproductions which have been printed on watercolor paper and are then hand-painted and touched upafterwards in order to give a little extra colourplay and originality of the work. All the works sold at Art Box Bornholm are protected by an  acid-freemat and backing, so it will never be discolour.

Carola_Haertel-hønseakvarel (1).jpg

'Chicken's Watercolour - 1'

Carola_Haertel-hønseakvarel (2).jpg

'Chicken's Watercolour - 2'

Carola_Haertel-hønseakvarel (3).jpg

'Chicken's Watercolour - 3'

Carola_Haertel-hønseakvarel (4).jpg

'Chicken's Watercolour - 4'

Carola_Haertel-hønseakvarel (5).jpg

'Chicken's Watercolour - 5'

Carola Haertel Hønseakvarel (6).jpg

'Chicken's Watercolour - 6'

A bit about Carola Härtel

Born in Berlin, Germany in 1941.

1960 - 1963 - I studied at the Meisterschule für das Kunsthandwerk in Berlin where I majored in interior designer.

In 1964 I was married to Klaus Härtel (had two children).  My interest in photography began and we moved to Bornholm. In the 1990s , I found watercolour and took various courses with both Linnea Jensen and Lone Schiøtz. My own chickens are a source of inspiration for small paintings, cards, calendars, bookmarks etc.

Artist CV

1965 + 1968 - worked as a workshop leader and social worker with children and young people in Kinder Zentrum MV Berlin, Reinickendorf 

1968-1991 - a self-taught photographer - taken part in various photography courses, regular photo exhibitions about the activities of children's. 

1991 - moved permanently to Bornholm 

1992 - start as Townsquares Market seller on Svaneke Torv / work as a photographer   forskellige fotoopgaver),



- Kaffee Kleisther in Berlin Schöneberg Solo exhibition with Chickens Photographs 

- Nexo Radhus Cafeteria 


- Listed house Christmas Show 

- The Blue House in Svaneke Solo exhibition 

- magazine Bornholm Window Watching 


 - Culture "Venue" Østergade 54, Ronne, Solo exhibition 


- Juried Fall Exhibition at Gallery coffee palace, Gudhjem

- Gallery groats Farm, Østermarievej 4A, Svaneke, Solo exhibition 2006 

- Listed house Easter Exhibition - Juried Fall Exhibition at Svanekegaarden

 - Joint Project Svaneke suite child of my city 


- the Blue House Svaneke Photo Group Camera Baltica 

- Bornholm Erhversskole Sandemandsvej Fotogr. Camera Baltica 

- Bornholm Erhversskole Minervavej Photo Group Camera Baltica 


- Svaneke yard Photo Group Camera Baltica

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