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We are framing specialists and will assist you in selecting the most appropriate mats and framing according to the artworks feeling, colours, and of course to your tastes. The best framing jobs are done by maximising the artwork without over-powering it. We like to say that a good framing job is like a woman who wears make-up in a perfect way. You do not notice the make-up, only that she is beautiful. Our highly experienced framers will frame your art to exacting specifications and assemble it with precision and attention to the smallest details.

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FRAMES: A wide range of frames, both in wood and metal. Many years of experience and knowledge on how to carefully handle artwork.

MIRRORS: We sell mirrors at most any size, but we can also cut down your old mirror and put a new frame around it. We can also cut your old frames down and rebuild them, for a new mirror.

MATS: Cut to measure in acid-free cotton in nearly 100 different shades.

Mats are important for two reason:
One: The mat keeps the glass from direct contact to the artwork. Glass should never be directly on your art. It can produce excess humidity and your artwork could be in danger of sticking to the glass. This is commonly occurs with photographs and ink drawings.
Two: Paper is a living product in many ways and it will expand and contract with ever-changing temperatures and humidity levels. When the paper expands, it needs somewhere to go, the mat gives it room for this. It will keep the artwork from rippling under the frame.

STRETCHING CANVAS: We can stretch your painting up on a new stretcher-frame,  or re-stretch an old canvas on it's original stretcher-frame if it is in good enough condition.


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MOUNTING: Posters, Photos, etc. We mount on ordinary and on acid-free backing. By mounting something, it will become perfectly flat and smooth. Paper expands and contracts with ever-changing temperatures and humidity levels. When the paper expands, it needs somewhere to go and it ripples behind the glass. Most people have had a poster in this shape at sometime in their lives and wondered why they became so wavey under the glass. By mounting your posters and photos, they will be completely flattened out. Old posters often seem like new!

RINSING: We can clean oil and acrylic paintings of smoke or general pollution. Cigarette smoke can give a misty yellowy screen which can make the images unclear or seem like they have an over all grey tone to them. After a treatment, the painting will often seem completely refreshed and new. The colours are then freed and come forward and the painting can breathe again. We can also often repair small holes or rips in the canvas.
It is not all paintings we can clean, or repair, but we gladly give advice and assistance where we can.

To ensure the correct preservation of your valuable pieces, we offer a complete selection of archival materials, including: rag mats, UV filter glass, and acid free materials. Each piece must be considered separately so that the framing protects the art work but also won't alter it from its original condition. The framed piece is then museum quality finished and suitable for hanging in your own private museum.

We believe in the ART BOX that it is important to preserve your art by using only acid-free products. There is acid in all products made of wood. However, cotton is acid-free and that is what our matboards, backing and all other materials that come into contact with the artwork is made from. 
Acid damages artwork. It can be a slow process, happening without noticing it in the start. Take a look at your favourite works, whether it be a childs drawing or an original watercolour by a famous artist, it is important to know that they are well protected. Look for browning, yellowing mats, especially in the bevel or on the  backing . It will become spotty and brittle, and can completely deteriorates over time.

When exposed to light and/or heat, the molecules in the acidic paper will break down even faster and spread itself into the artwork and everything it comes into contact with. Take an old book from the 1930's as an example, notice how the edges of the paper are usuallt quite golden coloured, much more brown than the actual pages of the book. This is because the edges have been exposed to light over many years, whilst the pages of the book were more or less in the dark.

Masonite, cardboard, and paper made of wood is dangerous for art. Many People don't know this and buy ready made frames in good faith, but are actually damaging their artwork in the process.

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