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As you can see, we have a large assortment of posters from Zozoville in A4 size. Because we are forever getting new images and selling out of others, we update our Zozoville Facebook page daily rather than do it on our website which is much too time consuming. To see precisely what we have in stock, click here. (the new ZOZOvilles have just arrived you can see them by clicking on the here button)

Framed Zozovilles

We also have a large assortment of framed Zozoville prints too. This page is also weekly updated and can be seen here(We are happy to send any of these to you in the mail, just send us a message on Facebook or at m.hiortpetersen@gmail.com). 

About Zozoville
 Zozoville are Mateo Dineen and Johan Potma, and both reside in Berlin. They met each other at a market where they both sold their artwork. When they discovered how well their work went well together, they decided they were stronger together and opened Zozoville Gallery, based in Berlin.

One_Tooth_Three_Mateo_Dineen-Zozoville_small.jpg Selfie-Mateo_small.jpg MonsterGames.jpg
One Tooth Three - Mateo Dineen Selfie - Mateo Dineen Monster Games - Mateo Dineen
No_Pants_Mateo_Dineen-Zozoville_small.jpg DeepSea-Johan_Potma_small.jpg There_Goes_The_Neighbourhood-Mateo_Dineen.jpg
No Pants - Mateo DineenBreak a Leg - Mateo Dineen Deep Sea - Johan Potma There Goes the Neighborhood - Johan Potma
Break a Leg - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg AirBNB - Mateo Dineen.jpg The Dry Season - Zozoville -  Mateo Dineen.jpg
Break a Leg - Mateo Dineen Air BNB - Mateo Dineen The Dry Season - Johan Potma
From Out of Nowhere - Johan-Potma -  Zozoville.jpg Crazy Like A Fox - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Midnight_Rendez-Vous-Mateo-Dineen.jpg
From Out Of Nowhere - Johan Potma Crazy Like a Fox - Mateo Dineen Midnight Rende-vous - Mateo Dineen
Waiting-For_Ideas-to-Happen-Johan_Potma.jpg Wednesday - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg mr-knowitall_Mateo.jpg
Waiting For Ideas To Come - Johan Potma Wednesday - Mateo Dineen Mr. Know It All - Johan Potma
Meadow Monster - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Half Full - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg lunchtime_Johan_Potma.jpg
Meadow Monster - Mateo Dineen Half Full - Mateo Dineen Lunch Time - Johan Potma
Promises-Promises-Mateo_Dineen.jpg The Great Unseen - Johan Potma.jpg Between-Nowhere-and-the-Forest_Johan_Potma.jpg
Promises, Promises - Mateo Dineen Between Nowhere and the Forest - Johan Potma The Great Unseen - Johan Potma
midsummer-daydream_Dineen.jpg Off the Deep End - Mateo Dineen.jpg FoxyLady-dineen.jpg
Midsummer Daydream - Mateo Dineen Off the Deep End - Mateo Dineen Foxy Lady - Mateo Dineen
King For A Day - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg telltale-signs_Mateo_Dineen.jpg Green Thumbed Godfrey - Mateo Dineen -  Zozoville.jpg
King For A Day - Mateo Dineen Telltale Signs - Mateo Dineen Green Thumb Godfrey - Mateo Dineen
Forget Me Not - Johan Potma -  Zozoville.jpg Game Changer - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg The-Visitor-Dineen.jpg
Forget me Not - Johan Potma Game Changer - Mateo Dineen The Visitor - Mateo Dineen
The_Out Of Body Experience - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Morning Ritual - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Tres Elegant - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg
The Out of Body Experience - Mateo Dineen Morning Ritual - Mateo Dineen Très Élégant - Shave and a Haircut - Mateo Dineen
Proof - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Puppy Training - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg Love-Hurts-printfilefinal-potma.jpg
Proof - Mateo Dineen Puppy Training - Johan Potm Love Hurts - Johan Potmaa
Business Lunch - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Sock Monster - Mateo Dineen.jpg A_Little-Cup-of-Tea-Johan_Potma.jpg
Buisness Lunch - Mateo Dineen Sock Monster - Mateo Dineen A Little Cup of Tea - Johan Potma
Uprising - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Born-To_Dance-Mateo-Dineen.jpg Unintended Consequences - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg
Uprising - Mateo Dineen Born To Dance - Mateo Dineen Unintended Consequences - Mateo Dineen
Munchies - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Bullshit Stories - Johan Potma.jpg Sucker - Mateo Dineen -  Zozoville.jpg
Munchies - Mateo Dineen Bullshit Stories - Johan Potma Sucker - Mateo Dineen
And So it Goes -  Mateo Dineen Zozoville.jpg Curiosity Killed the Alien - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Songs Of What Should Have Been - Johan Potma  Zozoville.jpg
And so it Goes - Mateo Dineen Curiosity Killed the Alien - Mateo Dineen Songs Of What Should Have Been - Johan Potma
Cloud.Nine.Mateo.Dineen.Zozoville.jpg Wrong Turn - Mateo Dineen.jpg The Field Trip - Johan Potma.jpg
Cloud Nine - Mateo Dineen Wrong Turn - Mateo Dineen The Field Trip - Johan Potma
Blow Me - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Life is Short (or too long) - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg School Teacher - Mateo Dineen -.jpg
Blow Me – Mateo Dineen Life is Short (or too long) - Mateo Dineen School Teacher - Mateo Dineen
Art Therapy - Mateo Dineen.jpg Bring_it_On-Mateo Dineen-Zozoville.jpg mother-lode_Mateo.jpg
Art Therapy - Mateo Dineen Bring It On - Mateo Dineen Motherlode - - Mateo Dineen
Clowning Around - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Building-The-Rocket-Mateo-Dineen-Zozoville.jpg Say Cheese - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg
Clowning Around - Mateo Dineen Buiding a Rocket - Mateo Dineen Say Cheese! - Mateo Dineen
Monster Truck - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Expired - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Insectabphobia - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg
Monster Truck - Mateo Dineen Expired - Mateo Dineen Insectiphobia - Mateo Dineen
Creative Accounting - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Dispossessed - Mateo Dineen -  Zozoville.jpg Putting on a Good Face - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg
Creative Accounting - Mateo Dineen Dispossessed - Mateo Dineen Putting on a Good Face - Mateo Dineen
Jalopy - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Self Portrait - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Lord Slugworth - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg
Jalopy - Mateo Dineen Self Portrait - Mateo Dineen Lord Slugworth - Mateo Dineen
I Drop, I Scream - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Evolve-Mateo_Dineen.jpg Swam Thing-potma.jpg
I Drop, I Scream - Johan Potma Evolve- Mateo Dineen Swamp Thing - Johan Potma
Nocturnal My Ass - Johan Potma.jpg Sausage Fest - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Famous Last Words - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg
Nocturnal My Ass - Johan Potma Sausage Fest - Mateo Dineen Famous Last Words - Johan Potma
Beer-O-Clock-Johan_Potma.jpg Family Chaos - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Its-All-Good-Mateo-Dineen.jpg
Beer O’Clock - Johan Potma Family Chaos - Mateo Dineen It’s All Good – Johan Potma
Readers Digest - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg Missing_Johan-Potma.jpg Oil Junkie - Mateo Dineen.jpg
Readers Digest - Johan Potma Missing - Johan Potma Oil Junkie - Mateo Dineen
Acute Bunchamonsters - Zozoville.jpg Stairway to Heaven - Mateo Dineen -  Zozoville.jpg Gumslinger-  Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg
Acute Bunchamonsters - Mateo Dineen Stairway to Heaven - Mateo Dineen Gum Slinger - Mateo Dineen
Seanior Citizin - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg Now Hold Still - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg Cute as Hell - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg
Senior Citizin - Johan Potma Now Hold Still - Johan Potma Cute as Hell - Johan Potma
Something Other - Mateo Dineen -  Zozoville.jpg Incognito-  Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Crush-Johan-Potma.jpg
Something Other - Mateo Dineen Incognito - Mateo Dineen Crush - Johan Potma
Cuckoo Symphony - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg The Forest for the Trees - Mateo Dineen.jpg Finders Keepers - Johan Potma -  Zozoville.jpg
Cuckoo Symphony - Johan Potma The Forest for the Trees - Mateo Dineen Finders Keepers - Johan Potma
Blind Date - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg Tug Life - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg Pirate - Potma.jpg
Blind Date - Johan Potma Tug Life - Johan Potma Captain Spinn - Mateo Dineen
What Are You Sinking About - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Inbread - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Tea Time For Buccanears  - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg
What Are You Sinking About? - Mateo Dineen Inbread - Mateo Dineen Teatime Buccaneers - Johan Potma
Dry-Lands-ohan-Potma-Zozoville.jpg Party-animal-Potma.jpg Do Gooders - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg
Dry Lands - Johan Potma Party Animal - Johan Potma Do Gooder - Johan Potma
Peek a Boo - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg Carnivore - Mateo Dineen - Zozoville.jpg Crude Dude - Mateo Dineen.jpg
Peek-a-Boo - Johan Potma Carnivore - - Mateo Dineen Crude Dude - Mateo Dineen
It's Bananas - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg Mothership-Johan-Potma.jpg Houston-We_ve-Got-a-Problem-Potma.jpg
It’s Bananas - Johan Potma Mothership . Johan Potma Houston - We have a Problem - Johan Potma
Moron_brothers-Johan-Potma_small.jpg Grumpy_for_Breakfast_JahanPotam.jpg Pyro - Johan Potma - Zozoville.jpg
Moron Brothers - Mateo Dineen Grumpy For Breakfast - Johan Potma Pyro - Johan Potma
shut-up_Mateo-Dineen.jpg A-Horrible_Incident_Johan_Potma-Zozoville_small.jpg scribble_Johan_Potma.jpg
Shut Up! - Johan Potma A horrible Incident - Johan Potma Scribble - Johan Potma
the-bellybutton-fuzzle_Johan_Potma.jpg Uncle_Tony-Mateo_Dineen-Zozoville-plakat.jpg Uncle_Gary-Johan_Potma_Zozoville-plakat-poster-jpg.jpg
The Bellybutton Fuzzle - Johan Potma    
Twit__Mateo_Dineen-Zozoville-plakat.jpg Trip_in_the_Woods-Mateo_Dineen-Zozoville-plakat.jpg Train_of_Thought_Johan_Potma-Zozoville-plakat.jpg
Surprise-Mateo_Dineen-Zozoville-plakat-poster.jpg Bedtime-Stories_Johan_Potma-Zozoville-plakat.jpg Daddy-Longlegs-Johan_Potma_Zozoville-plakat-poster-jpg.jpg
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