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Hanne Bøving



akvarel på papir


"Bornholm Fields" - 29x20 cm


"Full Moon Light" - 19x14 cm - solgt


"Autumn Winds" - 19x14 cm


"Peaceful Forest by Coast" - 29x20 cm


"Paradise Tree" - 42x29.4 cm


"Cliff Lights" - 14.7x21 cm


"Mirrored Sky" - 29.4x24 cm

akryl på lærred


'Field Walk In the Wind' - 30x25 cm (sold)


'Forest's Edge '- 30x25 cm (sold)


'Summer evening on Hammerknuden'- 30x25 cm


'Evening Mood on the Hill'- 25x30 cm


'Coastal Quaye '- 60x60 cm


'Flamingo '- 50x70 cm


'Morning Rhythms' - 45x65 cm


'Birdsong'- 81x74 cm


A bit about Hanne Bøving

(moved to Svaneke, Bornholm in 2012)

"I was born in the 50's in Copenhagen. My parents both worked full-time to raise their two daughters. My mother was a talented woman who played piano and painted flowers on porcelain. My father was a talented chess champion and had the most beautiful handwriting, in blue ink.

My childhood was spent playing outside in all sorts of weather with my sister and when indoors, we loved to paint and draw. In the 70's I began experimenting more freely with a wide variety materials, like fabrics, leather, plastic and oil paints to create collages. In the end I always returned to create my own expression of nature’s wonders. Surely I was inspired by French impressionism and French expressionism as well. 

At the teachers college, where I studied for 4 years, I majored in art. I was very taken by silkscreen works and printing for a period of time. As the years went by I had many exhibitions and was given good reviews about my works. I have shown my paintings and watercolours in many art associations throughout the country. I have sold both private and through the art associations. My works have been represented in Art Galleries as well. I have joined “KUNSTRUNDEN” BORNHOLM in 2016, 2017 and 2018, where my working atelier and small gallery is open for visitors. 

Here in ART BOX, Maya’s wonderful gallery, you can find some of my works. I still love to experiment with colours and style, but for me, the life in the vividly coloured picture is bringing out a joy, magic and sincere scenery of nature. This is an absolute heartfelt meditation. 

In the winter of 2017 I started working with oil on canvas again, after a long period with acrylic. I like to switch between the different expressions of acrylic and oil. I love to travel and let my spirit catch inspiration on the road. Sometimes I am a butterfly. Living on Bornholm is a nature´s gift of abundance.”


ART BOX Bornholm, Helgolandsgade 2, 3740 Svaneke - Bornholm - DK